Idk why I find this importaint to share but..

ok by now my followers should know I love music/ singing :) and I was looking up vocal ranges, because I really wanted to know idina menzels true range (it’s been said anywhere between 3 and 13 yes. Someone said 13!) so then I looked up vocal parts. To find out THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS AN ALTO! (im an alto) ‘alto’ is a vocal part in a peice of music. it’s not an actual ‘vocal range’ and although I do have quite a bit of a higher vocal register my mids and lower registers are much stronger. The vocal part is called a ‘Contralto’ …my whole life has been a LIE! lol jk XD well I found that interesting, so I shared :)
If you have any questions about your range, voice part, or singing in general. Just reblog this with your question and I will gladly answer! :)

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